Unique Characteristics of Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia

Among the Madrasas of India, Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, because of its unique and comprehensive syllabus and teaching methods, has its own significance. Here, admission is granted to those students who are brilliant and laborious with good physical features and affable nature.

Under the two-year course, their mental and ideological training is done in such a way that they become well-qualified to cope with any challenge and lead the Community. Our students get admission to the prominent universities both in India and abroad.

Our Students in Jamiah Al-Azhar

Three years after the academic session started, this Jamia was granted affiliation with Al-Azhar University (Egypt) in 1998 and since then dozens of our students have passed out from Al-Azhar. They are rendering valuable services both in India and abroad. There are dozens of our students who are still studying in Al-Azhar. We have been granted a yearly quota of ten students which still exists.

Our Students in Indian Universities

Many of the products of this Jamia are studying in various universities of Delhi. But, there is a problem that our Jamia is not affiliated to any Indian university. Efforts in this regard are going on. We have submitted our applications to some famous universities and awaiting the results.