Nurturing Students Beyond Academics

Culture is a significant aspect without which education is incomplete, ineffective and sometimes even harmful. Special attention is given to this significant aspect along with teaching and training. The students are drilled in reading, writing, discussing, and debating in the languages which are taught in the Jamia. There is a “Majlis-i-Saqaafi” (Cultural Association) for the students of the Kulliyatul Adab wal Da’wh (Department of Specialization in Literature and Preaching) which arranges all the programmes. This Cultural Association has three sub-associations:

  1. The Arabic Association
  2. The English Association
  3. The Urdu Association

The Arabic Association consists of two assemblies:

The Speaking Assembly for Arabic
The Writing Assembly for Arabic

In the Speaking Assembly for Arabic, the students practice speaking / delivering speeches on a particular topic in Arabic every week. This Assembly also holds programmes for discussion, debate, dialogue and bait-baazi (verse-recitation contest in which each opposed team has to recite a couplet beginning with the letter of the couplet recited by the adversary).

In the Writing Assembly for Arabic, the writing skills of the students are enhanced and they are taught the principles and styles of standard writing. This programme is held once in a month and the students are asked to prepare a write-up on a topic dealing with Arabic Language, Literature, Religion, History and others.

The English Association is like the Arabic one and it too has assemblies:

The Speaking Assembly for English
The Writing Assembly for English

The Speaking Assembly for Arabic holds its weekly programmes while the Writing Assembly for Arabic arranges them once in a month. The sole aim of this Association is to give a befitting answer to the anti-Islam writers who always hatch conspiracies to distort the true face of Islam.

The Urdu Association too has two assemblies:

The Speaking Assembly for Urdu
The Writing Assembly for Urdu

These assemblies hold cultural programmes to enhance and brush up the writing and speaking skills of the students in Urdu. They are drilled in speaking and writing in serious and effective tone and style.

All these cultural programmes are held under the supervision of a teacher who is called the “Al-Mustshaar Al-Aam” (Advisor). The students themselves are appointed in charge of the all the sub-associations. They have an “Al-Ameen” (Secretary) and an “Al-Ameen Al-Musa’id” (Joint Secretary) who keep the records of the programmes.