Intro of International Hubs

1. Kulliyatul Qur’an: There are limited seats for admission to the Kulliyatul Qur’an. The students who have memorized ten (Parahs) parts of the Holy Qur’an are eligible for admission to this department. The students get admission only after a test and an interview. Mess and accommodation facilities are provided to the students after admission. The date of admission to this department usually occurs in the second week of Shawwal al-Mukarram.

2. Kulliyatul Adab wal-Da’wah: Admission to this department is granted under the following procedures.

  1. The candidates must have completed the Fazilat course and passed out from a well recognized Madrasa of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’h.
  2. Applications for admission to this Kulliyah will be accepted only on the forms printed by this Jamia.
  3. The candidates may have the printed forms and the Prospectus by sending a money order of Rs. 50 to the “Principal of Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia.”
  4. Application forms should be sent to the Principal of Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, after filling in them correctly.
  5. Application forms should be sent after verification by the Principal of any religious Sunni Madrasa.
  6. The admit cards, along with the date of the test and interview, are sent after the application forms are checked and the candidates are found eligible for admission. The Jamia gives no travel allowance to the students.
  7. Admission to this Kulliyah is granted after a written test and interview. The candidates must get through both of them. No recommendation is entertained.

Note: Since the selection standard is very high, preference is give only to the promising and meritorious students.

Recommendations have no importance for us. We prefer healthy and intelligent students who possess an attractive personality, good memory, knowledge of Arabic and English, inclination to writing and speaking. Good manners, piety and steadfastness in religion are the desirables.

Written Test

The written test consists of objective and subjective questions. The objective questions carry fifty marks. Most of the questions are related to the subjects taught in the madrasas. However, a few questions related to general knowledge are also asked.

The subjective questions carry thirty marks. They are three questions in all and the students have to answer them in Arabic, English and Urdu respectively.


After the written test, there is an interview which carries twenty marks. The interview panel comprises experts in Arabic and English and evaluates the students from academic, religious and moral perspectives. They also test their, intelligence, presence of mind and their reading, writing and speaking skills.

After the above-mentioned procedures, the successful candidates are issued a letter by the office, giving them the good news of their selection and they are also given the code of conduct that they will have to observe while their stay at the Jamia. Thereafter, they complete the admission procedures and start their studies at the Jamia.