Facilities provided to the students

Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia is an educational and training centre where the students are provided with all the facilities necessary for developing their personalities in a better way.
Every student is provided free lodging and fooding in this Jamia. An Almirah, a table, a chair and a wooden bed are allotted to them. Each student is given a monthly scholarship of 500 rupees so that he may pursue his studies smoothly with no worry about his financial problems. (At present, due to the paucity of resources, scholarship has temporarily been stopped. If we get enough help from our well-wishers, we will resume it very soon.)

There are two vacations in a year for the students-the long vacation which is from 15th Sha’baan al-Mu’azzam to 7th Shawwal al-Muakarram and the short vacation which is from 13th Rabiul Awwal to 28th Rabiul Awwal.


As per the discipline of this Jamia, the students of this Jamia have to wear the uniform in the classes and while going out. The uniform consists of a black Sadri (vest) and a black Rampuri cap.


The Jamia has a grand four storeyed buildings with a basement. Each storey has about eight small and big rooms.

  1. The basement is used as a store room.
  2. The ground floor has the reception and the offices of the Ameer-i-Jamia, the manager, the academic director, and the guest house.
  3. The first floor has the conference, the Prayer Hall, and living rooms and class rooms for the students of the department of Hifz-o-Qir’at.
  4. The second floor has the class rooms, the library, a computer room, and living rooms for the teachers.
  5. The third floor has hostel for the students and office of the warden of the hostel. This floor also has the mess and the dining hall.