Examination System at Jamia

As the syllabus of this Jamia consists of four semesters, each semester has a separate course. Therefore, there are separate examinations for each semester and the marks obtained by the students in a semester are not included in the other. A student can enter the other semesters only after passing the first ones. If a student fails in more than two subjects, he is not promoted to the next semester. If he fails again in these subjects, his name is struck off the rolls and he is expelled from the Jamia.

Besides the final examinations of each semester, other tests too are held as per the instructions of the Principal. The marks obtained in these tests are included in the grand total of the final examinations of the course.

An examination committee has been formed to make the proceedings of the examinations fair and more effective. The committee holds the examinations as per the rules and regulations and keep a watch and vigilance over them.

Rules and Regulations for Examination

The students whose attendance is less than 75% are not allowed to appear in the examinations.
No student is allowed to keep with him a copy, chit, blank paper or any other objectionable thing.
The students have to follow the rules and regulations stipulated for the examinations. If they are found violating the rules and regulations, the invigilators report it to the Principal who take disciplinary action against them.
If a student is found copying or in a suspicious state, the invigilator seizes his copy.
Three divisions are allotted to the students who pass the examinations. The minimum marks for each division are as follows:

First Division…………….60%
Second Division………….45%
Third Division……………33%

Each student must obtain at least 33% marks in each subject to pass the examination. A degree of “Takhassus Fil Adab wal Da’wah” (Specialization in Literature and Preaching) is awarded to the students who pass examinations of all the four semesters.